About Us

Mister Rogers Electric, LLC is a small, local family owned and operated residential electric service company located in Alexandria, VA.  We have nine devoted employees.  Serving only Northern Virginia, we offer a complete line of  electrical services. Our business is a residential service company, we specialize in homes and what homeowners need and want.  We can maximize the safety, efficiency, convenience, and lighting of your home.

We pride ourselves in personal service, creative solutions, quality materials, and a clean work area to give you a one of a kind service experience.  Our level of service and cleanliness is unmatched by our competitors!

Covid-19: Actions we are taking

Mister Rogers Electric has always taken steps to protect your home, a door-mat used outside, fresh shoe covers, and fresh plastic drop cloths. 

We are now taking extra precautions.  Our office staff has spread out and some are working from home.  Our Electricians and helpers will not initiate handshakes and will try to maintain the recommended six feet of space between people.  We are refraining from the use of our canvas drop cloths, and moving blankets for the time being. We will use masks when requested (however, our supply is very low).  Finally, you can authorize work and make payment via email and your own computer if you prefer.

03/24/2020 Update-  Most of our electricians have small children or elderly people in their homes.  We cannot get any protective equipment (including supplies we need normally like dust masks).  Our employees and their families safety cannot be risked.  At this point we are only taking emergency calls and all other calls are being waitlisted until normal operation can resume.

We will continue to monitor the situation and make changes as needed.  Suggestions about safety are appreciated too!

Our Service Area